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The Philosophy of Religion 

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 Religion seems to have always caught our attention. But why? Why is it that religion for both theists and atheists seems to be so intriguing? Why is it that religion is amongst the three topics that we should avoid speaking about because it often drives us to such passionate disagreement?  These are amongst the many questions that we will address in The Philosophy of Religion. Religion is a great cite of study as it involves many - if not every- aspect of what makes us human.  It challenges our doubts, beliefs, and knowledge. 

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Epistemology  & Practice 

    An ever-pressing criticism of Religious belief is that it is indeed circular. That is, one has to already assume the valid existence of a higher power in order to believe in it. This seeming crook in the theological belief system became the springboard of which scientism used to catalyze its dominance upon human reason. Though the problem of epistemic circularity may not be the exclusive province of theistic belief. Epistemology and Practice will explore the presence and development of epistemic circularity from its philosophical inception starting with Rene Descartes to the contemporary reckonings of epistemologists such as William P. Alston and Ernst Sossa. Here we will also find the work of Thomas Kuhn and Paul Feyerabend to be of great importance as they have found that the evolution of scientific knowledge, in particular, is prone to the influence of paradigm shifts rather than a linear progression of knowledge acquisition as is so commonly perceived. 

    If this holds true, then the more epistemic and metaphysical elements of religious belief must be superseded by more pragmatic considerations like its usability in the lived experience. This will be the second consideration made in part 2 of the book which will examine the Pascalian wager and J.L. Schellenberg’s concept of evolutionary religion amongst others. The latter 3rd will be dedicated to examining the presence of reconciliation and how it defines the discourse between Science, Religion, and the whole of our lives. 

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