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Attending Church


People often assume that those that attend church do so because they are trying to be perfect or puritanical. Though as it is held throughout the Abrahamic traditions... read more

Biblical LegalisM


There is much debate on the matters of what turns actually people away from religion and the Church. Many believe it's because of a bad childhood experience, an initial lack of faith, or distrust due to what is often seen as hypocritical behavior by Churchgoers or Church leaders who have faltered in some more

The ins and Outs of Doubt


Here I would like to briefly address a common error in logic made by secularists, those that disavow religious belief,  and those that just tend to be doubtful individuals in general. This error is the idea that doubts disqualify truth, belief, or objective reality. Though doubts do not necessitate disbelief, rather doubts put belief into question...Read More 

The Imposition of Religious Practice 


It is often assumed that people are religious because they fear the afterlife and seek salvation in God's favor. They are afraid of going to hell so they appeal to religious morals to gain access into God's heavenly kingdom...Read More

The Burden of Proof 


I21st Century American culture has decided almost unanimously that Science has disproved religion. Though there is one major problem with this notion ...Read More

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