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Positions Vs. Beliefs

Week of Feb 12th 2021

As our social and political landscape continues to be remodeled, theists are too being called to renovate their thinking. With such great influence from secular culture, denominations and religious peoples have to rethink the validity of their traditions and their privately held religious convictions. In a time in which we are all being called to reevaluate in some way, its important to acknowledge the difference between what we as individuals have a position on versus what we as individuals have a belief in. The two may seem the same and might even be used interchangeably in day-to-day conversations, but they are, in fact, very different. If you are a person that practices any sort of religion, you likely have some beliefs mixed in with some positions. So what's the difference? A belief is actually thinking something is true, a position is acting as if it were true.

To put it another way, A position is a stance one might take on a particular issue or a particular interpretation of their chosen theology, but unlike a belief, you don’t necessarily feel that that position is any more real or any more true than another but more reasonable. Having a Belief is based off of what one might think is true and having a position is based off of what one might think is more reasonable. So when reevaluating your theology or having a conversation with someone about religion, it's important to be able to distinguish your strong held beliefs from your reasonable positions, as that will give you and the person you're engaged with much more clarity on where you actually stand. 

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